Announcing Gtef, an incubator for GtkSourceView

Gtef – the acronym for “GNOME Text Editor Framework” – is a new library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based text editors and IDEs. It can serve as an incubator for some GtkSourceView features.

See the Gtef repo on GitHub for more details. In particular, Gtef has an interesting way to handle API (un)stability. The Gtef Roadmap is alongside the GtkSourceView one.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Gtef, an incubator for GtkSourceView”

    1. Scintilla doesn’t provide a TDI/MDI framework…

      GtkSourceView/Gtef target only GTK+. GTK+ is a cross-platform toolkit. GTK+ is based on GLib/GObject. GtkSourceView/Gtef are also based on GLib/GObject, so it makes the API easy to use and consistent with GTK+. And with GTK-Doc and Devhelp, there is a nice documentation.

      Scintilla on the other hand provides an abstraction on top of different toolkits: GTK+, Qt, for Windows, for Mac, and maybe others. Since GTK+ has itself backends for X11, Wayland, Windows, Mac, etc it’s an abstraction above an abstraction. Also, the Scintilla documentation looks horrible to me. It doesn’t have a consistent API with GTK+, so when writing a GTK+ text editor, using the Scintilla API in the same code is ugly.

      The Tabbed Document Interface framework of Gtef would be heavily based on other GTK+ widgets, like GtkNotebook for the tabs (or GtkStack and GtkStackSwitcher in the future). Scintilla cannot really do that, since it needs to work on different toolkits.

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