New chapter in my GLib/GTK+ getting started guide

It’s been a long time since the last chapter. I was busy with various programming projects as can be seen on this blog. But it’s important to share our knowledge. And a book scales much better than explaining again and again the same things to newcomers on IRC or mailing lists.

The guide follows a bottom-up approach. The last chapter was about writing semi-OOP classes in C. The new chapter is a small introduction to GObject. The next chapter that I’ve already started to write will finally be about GTK+, hopefully I’ll finish it soon.

Everything is on the webpage of “The GLib/GTK+ Development Platform – A Getting Started Guide”.

Good learning 😉

4 thoughts on “New chapter in my GLib/GTK+ getting started guide”

  1. Thanks. This is what Im looking for. The book that will provide me by hand how to start writing GTK+ applications. I started with C++ and I’m interested in gktmm which has tutorial, but at this point it is hard to me to understand whats going on without knowing GTK+ internals, especially when im not fluent in C++

    1. C++ has many more features than C, so it takes more time to learn. And GLib/GTK+ have also a steep learning curve, so it doesn’t help. But GLib/GTK+ are themselves written in C, so when using them in C, there is no extra layer. With language bindings, there is an extra layer to learn (and sometimes can be a source of additional bugs).

  2. Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for putting the effort into this. This type of stuff often goes unacknowledged but is certainly appreciated.

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