GtkSourceView fundraising!

I’m launching a fundraising for GtkSourceView!

If you don’t know what GtkSourceView is, it’s a widely used library for text editors and IDEs (or text editing in general). For example on Debian, more than 50 applications rely on GtkSourceView, including gedit and GNOME Builder.

What less people know about is that GtkSourceView has been almost entirely developed by volunteer work, without being paid, except a few Google Summer of Code. So with the fundraising it’ll hopefully change, to bring the library to the next level!

Go to the fundraising on Liberapay for more information.


10 thoughts on “GtkSourceView fundraising!”

  1. Awesome! I’d be happy to donate for specific features or bug fixes. The two that come to mind are:

    * After a bunch of improvements to GNOME builder, it seems that sometimes text in gedit is hidden *past* the end of the window. The only way to get to it is to use the cursors to get to it and then press a key so that it is now viewable again. It usually does this for about 4-5 lines.

    * I’d love to have this sort of feature upstream in the lib: or at least a non-broken version since the API changed

    Thanks for all your work!

    1. I think the first one is a bug in gedit only, I’ve never seen it in other GtkSourceView text editors, see:

      For the second point, the “Forget you’re not using tabulations” feature is indeed something that would be useful to have in GtkSourceView. In the fundraising I’ve talked only about big tasks, but this is the kind of small features that are regularly added to GtkSourceView or Tepl.

        1. To fund specific features, there is for example Bountysource, but they take a 10% cut:

          But it’s hard to estimate the amount of time that something will take to implement or fix.

          I don’t want to maintain gedit, I already have enough code to maintain. So for the gedit-specific bug, see with the gedit developers.

          For the “Forget you’re not using tabulations”, this can be added to Tepl. Please send me a personal e-mail if you want to fund this, we can find an arrangement (I need to first estimate how much time it would take to implement).

          1. gedit is unmaintained, nobody works on the code anymore, and I don’t want to work on gedit, I already have enough work.

            New APIs are first added to Tepl, to allow time for a new API to prove itself. Tepl is a library similar to GtkSourceView, an application can easily use it.

            Also, the feature set of GtkSourceView is currently more or less frozen, because GtkSourceView 4 needs to be released first before being able to add new APIs. (releasing GSV 4 is part of the fundraising).

  2. If I only had some spare money in this mounth, I would like to bet on writing separate bash and zsh .lang files. There is a bug somethere on bugzilla about this.

    Because this is a most annoying thing for me. And this lasts years already.

    1. This bug has more chances to be fixed when there is an active maintainer of GtkSourceView. I’m the only remaining maintainer, if I suddenly stop contributing, GtkSourceView will be completely unmaintained, patches won’t get reviewed, etc.

  3. Maybe Gnome Foundation should stop wasting money with ridiculous politicly-correct outreaching campain and put money in people which currently do the work (whatever their background).

    Hope you will succeed but unfortunately to get traction, it should be part of a broader campain and preferably under the umbrella of Gnome foundation.

    1. I agree. When donating to the GNOME Foundation, the money is mostly used to reimburse travels and accommodation for people going to hackfests and conferences, and to pay the salary of the executive director (I think there is also another employee).

      Travels often cost 1000$ for someone living on the other side of the planet, for an event that lasts only a few days. Of course for the people being reimbursed it’s really nice, they visit countries or continents they never went before, it’s (almost) like a vacation for them.

      There are other individual fundraisings in GNOME or GNOME-related projects (I don’t have all the links at hand): Ze Marmot (for GIMP), one of the maintainers of PulseAudio, and a few others (a GTK+ developer, and another GIMP developer I think for underlying libs). It would be nice if those fundraisings are highlighted on the website, and advertised in the news and on social media, but maybe the GNOME Foundation doesn’t want to do that because the money wouldn’t go to them (and they have now the salary of an executive director to pay). I think I’ll bring the topic on a GNOME mailing list. Highlighting those individual fundraisings would be beneficial to GNOME, so I think most of the people in GNOME would agree to do it.

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