Back to University

I stopped my master degree 6 years ago, partly because it was not compatible with open-source development (doing both at the same time was not realistic, and guess what I liked most). And with a bachelor degree that is worth something on the job market, I was able to apply to job offers and start working, and that’s what I did. But I now regret it, I was not satisfied by my day job, and when I see job offers requiring a bachelor degree in Belgium, most of the time I’m not interested.

So, I’ve taken the hard decision to start again studies, to finish my master degree in computer science!1) It’s a bit strange to go again to courses, studying etc. But I’m re-adapting.

In my last blog post I said “back to GNOME development”, but this time around my studies are the priority. And to avoid stress/burnout, I try to no longer work the evenings and weekends, so it drastically limits my time that I’ll devote to GNOME.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. At the UCLouvain University, in the modern and pedestrian city of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (link to the gastronomy page, the most important thing 🙂 ).

Back to GNOME development

After writing my last blog post – a retrospection about my first 10 years of Free Software development – it made me want to contribute to GNOME again. I didn’t contribute much this past year (in short, too much stress). But I’m back, I hope my keen interest will continue.

I’ve restarted with gedit. I’m improving the documentation for contributors, I’ve written a new roadmap, and done the 3.33.92 development release. Plus already a small yak shaving in jhbuild (doing the release) for the gedit contributors’ docs 🙂