Sébastien Wilmet - Blog post

gedit crowdfunding

Date: 2020-10-13

The gedit text editor has a long history of development, it has been created in 1998 at the beginnings of GNOME. So it is one of the oldest GNOME application still alive and usually installed by default with Linux distributions that provide GNOME as their desktop environment.

It is this – the fact that many Linux users know and have gedit installed – that motivates me to improve it, to make it a top notch core application. It is not an easy undertaking though, the codebase is old and large, and there are several underlying software components (libraries) that are critical for the main functioning of gedit.

I started to contribute to gedit in 2011, and I'm now its main developer. I'm a freelance software developer, and would like to devote as much time as possible to gedit development, including the underlying libraries.

That's why there is now a crowdfunding for gedit! It's on the Liberapay platform, you can also take a look at my profile, I've described my contribution milestones, main projects and why Liberapay has been chosen.

Your donations are critical help that make it possible for the development of gedit to continue. To maintain it, develop new features and bring it to the next level.