Small tip with GTK-Doc, Devhelp, JHBuild and Fedora

And docbook-style-xsl.

docbook-style-xsl bug with GTK-Doc on Fedora

On Fedora, building GTK-Doc API documentation is buggy since several years, normally each module contains the following indexes:

  • For each version, the list of new symbols, for example “Index of new symbols in 3.36”.
  • The “Index of deprecated symbols”.

These indexes are very useful to keep up with new versions of libraries, in addition to reading the NEWS files. On Fedora, these indexes are not generated by default.

It’s because of this bug: gtk-doc one, fedora one, docbook one.

Simple fix on Fedora: downgrade docbook-style-xsl to version 1.79.1 and add this line to your /etc/dnf/dnf.conf:


Then rebuild the GTK-Doc API documentation of the modules you care about, for example in JHBuild for GLib add this to your jhbuildrc:

module_mesonargs['glib'] = '-Dgtk_doc=true'

Then run Devhelp in a jhbuild shell, you can add this alias to your bashrc:

alias devhelp='jhbuild run devhelp'

or (additional small tip):

alias devhelp='jhbuild run devhelp --new-window'

Enjoy! Now you can finally keep up with what’s new in GLib, from the comfort of the Devhelp API browser application 🙂

(Sorry for the not-very-interesting blog post, with a bit of hope the bug will be fixed upstream in docbook-style-xsl, or Fedora will follow the recommendation of the upstream developer to package the previous version instead).

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