gedit and gCSVedit on the Microsoft Store

A short blog post to let you know that:

gedit is now on the Microsoft Store! gedit for Windows. Yes, it works well, although as always there is room for improvement. It is just the beginning to have sources of funding that would make full-time development of gedit possible in the long run.

I have also put gCSVedit on the Microsoft Store: gCSVedit for Windows. gCSVedit is a simple text editor for CSV/TSV/… files.

5 thoughts on “gedit and gCSVedit on the Microsoft Store”

  1. Photosensitive seizure warning? Is some of the metadata wrong, or is the Windows version a *lot* more interesting than the Linux version? D:

    1. I don’t know why there is such a warning. It’s not because of the Amtk dependency 🙂

      I see that Krita and LibreOffice have the same warning:

      So I think there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe the warning appears only for certain countries.

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