Top articles

This page lists some of my favorite blog posts or articles, I thought it would be interesting to highlight them.

10 Years Later (2019)
Retrospective of my first decade as a Free Software developer.
GObject design pattern: attached class extension (2017)
Where I document a new design pattern that I’ve discovered, specific to a feature that the GObject library provides.
Re: Consider the maintainer (2017)
Some thoughts after reading a Linux Weekly News article, about my experience on being a maintainer of several GNOME modules and working with legacy code.
Smooth transition to new major versions of a set of libraries (2016)
Applying programming best-practices when it comes to releasing new major versions of a set of libraries (not just only one).
Doing things that scale (2016)
Some thoughts about software in general, documentation, libraries and Free Software. There was a quote of my article on Linux Weekly News!
Object-oriented design best practices (2014)
A review of the book Object-Oriented Design Heuristics. Fun fact: there was a link to my blog post from a job offer when talking about object-oriented best practices 🙂
File loading and saving in GtkSourceView, finally (2014)
A big refactoring, moving 8000 lines of code from gedit to the GtkSourceView library, making the code re-usable.
About code quality and maintainability (2012)
A review of the book Code Complete.